Updated: 2020-11-30 00:02:05 +0000

Like most people, I found crypto first. After a while some of the hype began to wear off, and I realized that all of these cryptocurrencies are trying to rise off of the success of Bitcoin. I began to focus a lot more on learning about Bitcoin, but still treated Bitcoin as part of the greater ecosystem of crypto projects.

While that approach was fine in the beginning, I started feeling that Bitcoin wasn’t getting the proper attention, mixed in with all of my crypto-content. I also decided to get a lot more serious about Curating Bitcoin.

Practical Bitcoin Info

One of my first really big projects around Bitcoin was to gather all the tools and practical information about Bitcoin into a google sheet. I decided the most well organized content I’d found online was about Bitcoin, and thought I could help make the information related to using Bitcoin easier to find.

There are two tabs, one for Bitcoin and one for the Lightning Network.


Then, I began pulling all of my Bitcoin History from the SourceCrypto website, and made an organization on Github to organize all my Bitcoin related content and forked repositories.

Bitcoinfo Practical

Bitcoin History

While these can be found in the bitcoinfo website, bitcoin-history used to have its own independent website, with some followers on github, so I stripped that down to just the markdown files, to let that resource continue it’s distinct life.

What’s Next?

All in all, this is just the beginning of my inquiry into Bitcoin and related areas of study. It’s a deep subject, requiring extra attention.

Bitcoinfo could use some work in the way of, originally it was just a collection of links that I had saved, which didn’t really address the breadth of the subject.