The more you are able to leverage digital tools, the greater your potential in the digital world. The easiest tools have a graphical interface, and the really good ones cost money. But gaining familiarity with your terminal applications is where the power is at. You don’t have to be a developer to learn how to use their tools and gain access to features that otherwise would cost an arm and a leg. This is the edge.

Your physical efforts with a desktop application, having 0 barrier to entry, is a commodity.

Digital tools are a force multiplier.

Not only command-line tools. Then there are a multitude of fully featured web-apps that are free for personal use. There is so much growth potential in the digital tools which are developed faster than the technical user-base. is where I save information for my own personal reference, and anyone else who’s interested.


Digital Transformation for the Commons

Since the explosion of the web, traditional enterprise has found itself continually under fire. Every executive worth their salt knows that anyone with an internet connection has the potential to decimate their entire industry, with some new disintermediating product or service.

Recall, that some of the largest corporations existing today were built in a garage.

The enterprise has considerable resources devoted to undergoing their own digital transformation, to distrupt their own business models before someone else does it for them.

Now, the independent would-be worker of the web isn’t likely to know all of this. When I began, all I knew is that it’s clearly possible to work online, not only that, it’s practically inevitable.

Today there is an endless array of useful tools and apps that you and I can learn to create value with. You don’t need money, you just need time, a computer and an internet connection.

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