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Kaliya Identity Woman and I have been casually collaborating on various projects in decentralized identity for over a year. Besides the occasional contract work, condensing our collected research and insight, Kaliya has also served as something of an advisor for the content created at Decentralized-id.com.

Her decades of experience in digital identity have played a crucial role in my ability to keep track of what’s important relative to what’s emerging today, and continually shares her expertise, which I’m able to expand upon for general consumption.

The Origins of Self Sovereign Identity

My first project working with Kaliya involved writing a chapter for the upcoming book on Self Sovereign Identity being published by Manning Press.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Decentralized Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials, edited by Alex Preukschat and Drummond Reed.


Our chapter covers the history of Self Sovereign Identity, a subject I’ve written deeply upon, previously, and Kaliya has personally experienced the bulk of, helping greatly to fill in gaps that my relentless internet research skills weren’t able to uncover, alone.

Identosphere Blogcatcher


Our first project under the Identosphere brand is the Identity Blogcatcher. This is a collection of blog feeds organized by category, that enable us to keep track of what’s happening in the decentralized identity space, without visiting each blog every day.

Pluto - Planet Identity

This project was inspired by the original planetidentity.org Identity Management feed aggregator.

  • Planet (Software)

    In online media a planet is a feed aggregator application designed to collect posts from the weblogs of members of an internet community and display them on a single page.

The Pluto feed-reader is awesome, and makes building webpages based off of RSS feeds a lot of fun.

Identosphere Weekly Highlights


In addition to the blogcatchers, I also set up a twitter search script, as I described [in a recent blog post](/posts/identosphere-newsletter/ relative_url). These tools provide a system that we are in complete control over, that enable us to keep track of the information and news cycle in decentralized identity.

Using the blogcatcher and the twitter scraper, as the foundation, we’ve begun a weekly newsletter sharing regular updates in decentralized identity.

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